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Not because he does not love, but did not follow the way of their own imagination in love. He tried to save. During that time he was the motivation to work, restless, often low-level errors committed by the leadership of the criticism and accused him of also deaf, indifferent. Finally, he chose rather to give up everything to restore our relationship. Write a letter of resignation back to Chengdu. Along the way he imagined all the way, the organization was therefore conceivable language, imagine with all the dialogue, will be forgiven and understood. But to see her at the moment, there is only silence him, mixed feelings of the heart a thousand words they come. Resolute attitude because she let him do nothing. Efforts did not save all of her good will and forgiveness.
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There is no smooth sailing, there is no love will never quarrel. Always a good short, their lives more than the occasional few words of the quarrel, the longer the more. The most serious one took place in Shenzhen, she went to practice. He did not understand the specific circumstances of her there, he saw the terrible fear of his own, his fears and worries so that he does not mind, although they do not know in fact, worried about their own fears and worries are unnecessary, I do not know is worried and concerned about the so he chose the wrong method, and the more mistakes and greater, do not know how the end of the last.
October 2007, he for love, for family, threw his choice to go to the north do not like this. For all this hard work began. Although the environment does not work no way, but his heart really is a dream, so Zaikuzailei he persisted, he sent each day, jot down a message to commemorate the hard work of the well-being, to express the miss.
But the two separated thousands of miles away, so that small things can sometimes magnify, the longer the inevitable contradictions multiply, but they are near misses, is that the precipitation over time so that they backlog can not breathe, he slowly began to doubt his choice and decision. She could not go because of him to the dream city is a bad sign rogue unit, she wept after the piercing to still choose to uphold. But again, the quarrel, and his silence the last vestiges of her good heart, disillusioned, she chose to regret breaking up.
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I do not know the reason hot days, or mind too much? Have been the dead of night, but did not sleep. And unable to extricate themselves back a dream of the past. Although times have changed, but still like yesterday once more, fresh. Of painful memories, a love of painful, leaving too many unforgettable memories, but also left a life can not forget the pain.

In 2006, Chengdu winter, the sun is so warm and peaceful. After his work in ensuring the courage to declare with all, he received a surprise. Since then, against the two young hearts together in the same time every minute of each other led beat. Ginkgo biloba reflected the yellowish sun sets and so moments of beauty can really make people feel warm and happy. From the lotus pool, each led by more than a pair of hands, add a pair of mandarin ducks of happiness, much of their lives from a different kind of happiness. The two separated from the shuttle in this figure is the strange city, have become more comfortable and close to the promise. Each other's sweet, vows to cold air can have a soft feel.
In 2007, the spring season, they still enjoy the beautiful, unforgettable 070,405, a note of each other's oath.

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After school

After school, a small flute to accompany the North fly away to a cafe, a small whistle to ask why should she lie Rui wing so badly. Open qq, Rui wing head is always gray, the small flute understand Rui him on the wing in the qq deleted, in the heart also deleted her, crying miserably small flute. "You said you loved me, you said that!" Small flute groaned.

Just bought a small flute out phone numbers deleted Rui wing, that she looked forward to for a long time before they get the numbers, she has not played.

Second year of the Ching Ming, the sky to float the rhythm of the rain, a small flute sitting at home burning paper, for the period of time she and Rui wing memorial for her heart to commemorate the death of Rui wing.

"Who says you're my do, day in the rain quietly miss you, but also a contented happy."

Rain, the ticking, the glass became a keyboard, playing with a very slow very slow song, still, gently ... ...
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North of flying, and his same last name of a strange boy, but rather the fate and small flute, kindergarten classmate, with the primary school, middle school and miraculously into a class. Xiaodi know, the North is the love of flying their boy, like his wings love Rui, as always support myself.

North cute long fly away, but there are many women favor the small flute heart can only Rui wing, not fit to fly far north. Xiaodi Rui wing guard silly, goofy fly away guarding the north of the small flute ... ...

Later, Li Rui-wing suddenly asked Xiaodi to recover a small flute that qq number of individuals, said he would add that individuals, small flute very puzzled, but still far to fly to the north the number to him.

The next day, a small flute came to the school to fly away by the North stopped at the door. "Su Di, do you like a man named Li Rui-wing, right?" "Yes, yes ah, yes so what, none of your business?" "Of course none of my business, he is not worth it, he does not deserve your love . "" Why? "" He does not love you, you're feeling pinned his goods, he called Zheng Xin children of a woman's love in your body, you know? "" do not know. "Xiaodi dazed and shook his head, she believed he would not do this to her. "He look at you as Zheng Xin children, only to love you, ah! Zheng Xin children are now back to Rui-wing side, and now Rui wing with her." Xiaodi slumped on the door, sobbing, she did love Rui wing, how he can be so right her.

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Xiaodi looking for his brother to qq, they began to chat online, he always said he was at school with her things, she always listened to the thin, even though he and her.

She was always waiting for, that part of his head lights up, when the head lights up, a small flute empty heart there are some places will be filled up.

Until one day, he cried his little flute and broke up with her, to comfort his little whistle, and said she would always support him, and said she had vowed to be waiting for him.

He has a couple of days not on the line, a small flute always had time for in-line waiting for him, her heart a pain, and finally, Rui wing to a small whistle to his mobile phone number, that can give him the information, said that he actually quite like a small flute.

Xiaodi no cell phone, for him, she began to save money, you want to save money to buy a mobile phone, a small flute began to eat breakfast, but to school every morning, breakfast will be placed on her seat. This is very puzzling to small flute, and later she learned that day, breakfast is the North bought him fly away.

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Su heart

Back to the aunt's house, the two people are silent. Uncle ease the atmosphere.

"Small flute, ah, you were a kid can be really skin, remember, once, late at night, you suddenly clamor in our family home, then you have a small, transport is not convenient, you a King kept the crying, the neighbors are awakened, your uncle had started win a lot of cards, you can be such a cry, anxious crying too. "

"So that girl is you, ah, really powerful enough, to trouble like that." He said

"You, know?"

"Well, I was also ah."

"But, how do I not remember you."

"You forget a lot ah."

"A lot of ... ..."

He, or left, take the time, and small flute is a car ride can be a small flute in the local, he is back ... ... Shiyan Tianjin, Tianjin, parallel lines never intersect, separated as far away.

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<p>Happy little whistle for the first time, with him watching TV, eat together, walk together ... ... a small flute that the most contented thing. Until the third day, he brought her a small tree planted.

"I want to return to Tianjin was."

"Back to Tianjin?"

"Yes ah, I am living in Tianjin, has moved in the past 3 years, only this time come back to see my dad dry, godmother."

"You love her, right."

"... ... Can she ignore me."

"Then you have to understand why she ignored you, then think of ways to restore ah."

"I understand ... ..."

"Then, you will come back up."

"Will ah."

"I hope not 10 years 8 years."

"It will not."

Xiaodi do not know, is this a contract, but she told herself, will always be waiting for him, so he is willing to love her that day, even to wait for: a lifetime.

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Well, the original brief as

"Su Di, hurry up, you really want to be Zhu A!" Brother at the door screaming. Xiaodi Huanhaoyifu, opened the door and tried out a happy way, casually picked up his brother's desk, sit on the sofa looks. "Praised eugenics, being older, a one child ... ..." "This is ... ... take a look at the cover of a small flute, there is a foreboding." FP!

"Brother, how do you see this book." Xiaodi blank asked.

"Ah! That, uh ... ... is ... ..."

"You do not want to preview in advance about it, but the above is written, can not get married before the age of 20, Oh!"

"Oh, you control what they do, and, why did not you take the ... ..."

"Oh!" Next to the wing had been almost laughed Rui crazy, "Su Di." "Well." "You're really cute."

Xiaodi blood has been boiling the whole body is your fantasy? Meng pinch myself in the thigh, Hao Teng.

"Come on, go downstairs to eat." He held her hand, went to the downstairs, "his mind is how people think of it, is not like me, or is he just put me as a sister. "small flute thought, pulled into the kitchen.


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